Office Works Reliever


Just because I’ve already stopped working at Jollibee, that doesn’t mean my journey of being a par-timer ends there. Even when I said I’ll focused on my studies, from time to time, I’m still looking for “rackets” or extra works to help my mother financially with my studies. During summer, I don’t have summer breaks because I joined the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) or what we call as “summerjob” at Cagayan de Oro, LGU. This coming summer, I’ll still be part of the SPES at Cagayan de Oro city hall and this is my 3rd and last time of being a SPES worker.

You might be wondering why I am dressed in an office uniform, that’s because I sometimes accepts the challenge of being an office works reliever at PDS PEME Systems International. When some employees at their Admin department will be having one week leave of absences from work, they’ll contact me to fill their job in the office and continue the works. When I first start being a reliever, it was on the position of the transmittal clerk. The second time they called me was to relieved the Medical Coordinator. The works were actually challenging but I was still able to make it by the help of other employees. The experience was great and it will for sure help me in the future to look for better career opportunities.

Photo by: Ms. Joyce Galler


Study and work part-time at Jollibee!


Jollibee Limketkai Group is in need of service crew for their growing store franchisee. Students are welcome and encouraged to apply for the said opportunity to grow with the company while still studying. For interested applicants, please visit

Senior Custodian


A senior custodian is like upgrading your responsibilities as a station leader but this time, it is more on money. You are called senior custodian/cashier or SC and you are in-charge of all the monetary values of the store. This time, the task is really tough that you might put yourself at risk because it involves money, big amount of money. Not just money, your task also includes paper works, receipts, receiving and negotiating with the store’s pick-up bank teller about deposits and all.

Money is the main part of the task, you are in-charge in keeping all the store’s money and cash flows intact. You and your co-SC’s are the only one who know about the volt’s combination where all the money were put. If you are the SC on duty, you are the only one that will give the cashier their beginning cash fund. If the counter crews are in need of coins and bills, you should’ve prepared it in advance before the peak hours because during peak hours you will also act as a station leader in helping the counter station. You are also tasked to ensure all the receipts are intact at the end of the day and that all of it were signed by the manager on duty. Speaking of bank teller, every morning he visits the store to collect the deposits from yesterday’s sales and payment for the coins and bills that you’ve requested everyday.  That coins and bills that you received, you need to recount it and place the counted coins in a plastic cellophane and ready in case the counter crews are in need of change.

Being an SC, your task includes “payroll”. You are in-charge of store’s payroll every 15th and 30th of the month and because the store is still not using the bio-metrics, it will take a long time doing the task. In paper works, you are also task to do the reimbursement, the store’s food charges, and other paper works.

At this point of my stay at Jollibee, it is when I continue my studies and I am really having a hard time in my situation. Imagine yourself a regular college student carrying all the units required and at the same time working part-time. What makes it difficult is my job as an SC because I had to juggle from work to school and if I have free time at school, juggle back to work and then back to school again especially when it’s the for the payroll because I had to meet the deadline in submitting the payroll, time-cards and other accomplishment reports.

This is when I said to myself “Mo.graduate na jud kos Jollibee.” So, I really quit working part-time and decided to focus on my studies. That time it is already okay to stop working part-time because my younger sister, whom I gave way for my studies, already finished her degree in college. From time to time, I missed being a service crew at Jollibee, enjoying the busy hours and juggling through work and school, so when I have time I sometimes visit the store I worked for.

USTP Grand Launching


An eye-catching view from the decorations at the USTP gymnasium. Students, faculties and staffs of the university are gathered here today and in a few minutes from now, the program for the Grand Launching of University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines will commence.

Photo by: Ms. Chris Dane Tumanda

USTP Electro Bliss 2k17


In celebration of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) Grand Launching, the 3rd year TCM students in collaboration with the Supreme Student Council will bring to you a night full of enjoyment and loud music. Have fun and be part of the celebration, on March 29, 2017 @7pm in USTP grounds. See you!

Photo credits to: TCM 3K4 by: Mary Ann Siangco

Counter Station Leader


From a mere counter crew, to a counter crew trainer, I now became a counter station leader. It is still the same thing as a counter crew, it’s just that you have additional responsibilities to the counter station. Other Jollibee stores don’t have station leaders but in Jollibee Limketkai Group, we have 3 station leaders, also known as SL: the dining station leader, counter station leader and kitchen station leader. When you became a station leader, you are already part of the core team. In Jollibee, there is what we call seniority and those in the core team are to be considered as the seniors and they are mostly ahead from the other crews.

A counter station leader don’t do the cashiering procedure anymore, but she had to whenever the need arises especially when the counter station is lack of manpower. Her duties are more on supervision, ensuring that everything is well-managed at the counter area. Checking the  time-in and time-out of the counter crews and making sure that they will have their break time as scheduled in the breaklist. Checking the grooming of the crews because service crews should be properly and well-groomed according to standards. Counter station leader has also the power to use the “swiper” in voiding transactions, logging in and out the cashier’s ID in the Point of Sale (POS) and assisting the newly certified counter crews as they perform the cashiering procedure. It’s like being the assistant of the manager especially during lunch time or peak hours. I’ve enjoyed being a counter station leader even if sometimes I can’t perform my task due to lack of manpower that I had to be one of the counters doing the cashiering procedure.

You know what’s the best thing being a station leader and a member of the core team? You will be able to gain respect from your co-crews by calling you “Ate” or “Kuya”, even if they are way older than you they will still call you Ate. That’s one thing I missed at Jollibee and even outside the store, they will call me Ate because they’re used to it.