Jollibee Food Service Crew


The focus of a Jollibee food service crew member is to tend to the needs of customers in the restaurant. The service crew member must ensure that customers always have a great time when dining at the restaurant. In addition to this, his/her job description also covers providing help and assistance in the kitchen when such is needed. Other duties and responsibilities in the job description of a food service crew member working at Jollibee include setting the table in preparation for customers and clearing tables after customers have finished dinning.

Jollibee does provide the needed training before the employee starts working. They do provide classroom trainings, as well as videos, booklets, and other instructional materials that will enable the new entrant have better understanding of how the company operates.

He/she can also be employed to carry out inventories on the restaurants supplies and stock such supplies for use when the need arises. He/she also cleans dishes and helps to drop off condiments, beverages, and foods. His/her tasks can also revolve around food preparation, cashier duties, dish cleaning, and food and drink serving. The Jollibee food service crew member is expected to be fast in service delivery, be attentive to details and wear jolly demeanor all through working hours. His/her focus should be on customer satisfaction and he/she must ensure customers are always satisfied before leaving the restaurant. His/her service to customers must be exceptional and highly effective towards getting them to visit Jollibee again. His/her work station must be consistently maintained and kept clean and must follow Jollibee standards in tending to workstation and other duties.


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