Counter Station Leader


From a mere counter crew, to a counter crew trainer, I now became a counter station leader. It is still the same thing as a counter crew, it’s just that you have additional responsibilities to the counter station. Other Jollibee stores don’t have station leaders but in Jollibee Limketkai Group, we have 3 station leaders, also known as SL: the dining station leader, counter station leader and kitchen station leader. When you became a station leader, you are already part of the core team. In Jollibee, there is what we call seniority and those in the core team are to be considered as the seniors and they are mostly ahead from the other crews.

A counter station leader don’t do the cashiering procedure anymore, but she had to whenever the need arises especially when the counter station is lack of manpower. Her duties are more on supervision, ensuring that everything is well-managed at the counter area. Checking the  time-in and time-out of the counter crews and making sure that they will have their break time as scheduled in the breaklist. Checking the grooming of the crews because service crews should be properly and well-groomed according to standards. Counter station leader has also the power to use the “swiper” in voiding transactions, logging in and out the cashier’s ID in the Point of Sale (POS) and assisting the newly certified counter crews as they perform the cashiering procedure. It’s like being the assistant of the manager especially during lunch time or peak hours. I’ve enjoyed being a counter station leader even if sometimes I can’t perform my task due to lack of manpower that I had to be one of the counters doing the cashiering procedure.

You know what’s the best thing being a station leader and a member of the core team? You will be able to gain respect from your co-crews by calling you “Ate” or “Kuya”, even if they are way older than you they will still call you Ate. That’s one thing I missed at Jollibee and even outside the store, they will call me Ate because they’re used to it.