Senior Custodian


A senior custodian is like upgrading your responsibilities as a station leader but this time, it is more on money. You are called senior custodian/cashier or SC and you are in-charge of all the monetary values of the store. This time, the task is really tough that you might put yourself at risk because it involves money, big amount of money. Not just money, your task also includes paper works, receipts, receiving and negotiating with the store’s pick-up bank teller about deposits and all.

Money is the main part of the task, you are in-charge in keeping all the store’s money and cash flows intact. You and your co-SC’s are the only one who know about the volt’s combination where all the money were put. If you are the SC on duty, you are the only one that will give the cashier their beginning cash fund. If the counter crews are in need of coins and bills, you should’ve prepared it in advance before the peak hours because during peak hours you will also act as a station leader in helping the counter station. You are also tasked to ensure all the receipts are intact at the end of the day and that all of it were signed by the manager on duty. Speaking of bank teller, every morning he visits the store to collect the deposits from yesterday’s sales and payment for the coins and bills that you’ve requested everyday.  That coins and bills that you received, you need to recount it and place the counted coins in a plastic cellophane and ready in case the counter crews are in need of change.

Being an SC, your task includes “payroll”. You are in-charge of store’s payroll every 15th and 30th of the month and because the store is still not using the bio-metrics, it will take a long time doing the task. In paper works, you are also task to do the reimbursement, the store’s food charges, and other paper works.

At this point of my stay at Jollibee, it is when I continue my studies and I am really having a hard time in my situation. Imagine yourself a regular college student carrying all the units required and at the same time working part-time. What makes it difficult is my job as an SC because I had to juggle from work to school and if I have free time at school, juggle back to work and then back to school again especially when it’s the for the payroll because I had to meet the deadline in submitting the payroll, time-cards and other accomplishment reports.

This is when I said to myself “Mo.graduate na jud kos Jollibee.” So, I really quit working part-time and decided to focus on my studies. That time it is already okay to stop working part-time because my younger sister, whom I gave way for my studies, already finished her degree in college. From time to time, I missed being a service crew at Jollibee, enjoying the busy hours and juggling through work and school, so when I have time I sometimes visit the store I worked for.


Counter Crew Trainer


After more than a year of my stay in Jollibee, I became a counter crew trainer but still I am a counter crew, I only train newly hired counter crews. I thought I can now experience what they call “hayahay”, but the job is still very challenging because you need to have enough patience. What is the product of your training will reflect on you and sometimes it will come to a point that the way how you trained will be questioned.

In training, the trainer will have to follow the training checklist depending on what station and our training is only good for 8 days, 4 hours every day but still it is not enough because there are many things to consider before the trainee will be certified by the Manager. The training hours were supposed to be for training but sometimes when the counter station is lack of manpower, me as a trainer will be called to do the cashiering procedure with my trainees and that’s the challenging part that you need to have extra patience. It’s like you are sending a soldier to a war who is not fully equipped and not yet ready. And because I was called to perform the cashiering procedure due to the lack of manpower from counter station, our followed checklist will be ruined then, and there is no extension in the training days of the trainee, so you as the trainer will have to make up all the missed discussion and training that supposed to be on time based on the checklist.

As a trainer, you have to be firm and your patience will also be tested if you’re unfortunate enough to have an obstinate trainee. I seriously have experienced one, to the point that I almost lost my temper because she talked back to me. It should be that a trainee will respect and never talk back to his/her trainer, but it happened. I was still thankful for that experience because it helped me on how to hold my temper in tough situations.

So, even after the trainees were done with their training, they still need the trainer’s supervision from time to time. I can say that my trainees were lucky enough to have me as their trainer because I’ve always accompanied them and never leave their side especially when they perform the cashiering procedure after being certified. Way back then, I had more than 30 trainees and I can even memorize their names. In my experience being a counter crew trainer, I had received certificates as well as my other co-trainers. Being a crew trainer is great and challenging, I can get the respect I deserve from my trainees as much as I show to them my respect, I’ve learned to respect the people around me and most especially the respect I have to give for myself.

Counter Crew


Being a service crew is never easy and it will never be because you are working in a fast food chain, from the word itself “fast food”, so the service crews are expected to render fast and friendly service to customers.  At the age of 18, I started working at Jollibee as a counter crew or commonly known as cashier. In my legal age, it’s my first time working in a food chain company.  In Jollibee, service crews are assigned in different stations and most female crew are assigned as counter crew. If there is a new female crew and is assigned in the counter station, most of the time I heard other crews and mostly kitchen crews saying “hayahay kay counter na.assign”. What is it that makes the counter crew “hayahay”? When in fact whichever station you will be assigned, it will never be “hayahay”.

They might say that because they thought that counter crews are just simply taking the orders of the customers, but it isn’t because a counter crew is a whole lot different from other counters just like in the mall or grocery stores. The biggest challenge of being a counter crew at Jollibee is the shortages and the running time that you served each of your customers. We have this what we call TAT or Turn Around Time, it is only 90 seconds, which means that by the time the customer reaches the counter area your 90 seconds starts and it ends when the customer leaves the counter area with all the orders served. Another thing is, within that 90 seconds Turn Around Time, you have to execute the 7 key steps.

What are the 7 key steps?

1st – Smile and greet the customer.

2nd – Take the order and do suggestive selling.

3rd – Call out the order.

4th – State the amount of purchase.

5th – Receive the payment and give change, if any.

6th – Assemble the order.

7th – Present the order and ask for repeat business.

90 seconds or 1 minute and 30 seconds, can you do that? So, what is it that make them think that being a counter crew is “hayahay”? Another challenge is the shortages. Shortages often happen to new counter crews even to old counter crews, mainly because they only have 90 seconds running time and because they’re in a hurry they sometimes forgot to recount the change before giving it to the customer. In my case, I can’t even remember how many times I’d experienced shortages every time I do the cashiering procedure. This is how challenging a counter crew is, but I was able to experienced, take the challenge and surpassed all these until I slowly join the store’s core team.

Jollibee Food Service Crew


The focus of a Jollibee food service crew member is to tend to the needs of customers in the restaurant. The service crew member must ensure that customers always have a great time when dining at the restaurant. In addition to this, his/her job description also covers providing help and assistance in the kitchen when such is needed. Other duties and responsibilities in the job description of a food service crew member working at Jollibee include setting the table in preparation for customers and clearing tables after customers have finished dinning.

Jollibee does provide the needed training before the employee starts working. They do provide classroom trainings, as well as videos, booklets, and other instructional materials that will enable the new entrant have better understanding of how the company operates.

He/she can also be employed to carry out inventories on the restaurants supplies and stock such supplies for use when the need arises. He/she also cleans dishes and helps to drop off condiments, beverages, and foods. His/her tasks can also revolve around food preparation, cashier duties, dish cleaning, and food and drink serving. The Jollibee food service crew member is expected to be fast in service delivery, be attentive to details and wear jolly demeanor all through working hours. His/her focus should be on customer satisfaction and he/she must ensure customers are always satisfied before leaving the restaurant. His/her service to customers must be exceptional and highly effective towards getting them to visit Jollibee again. His/her work station must be consistently maintained and kept clean and must follow Jollibee standards in tending to workstation and other duties.


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