Office Works Reliever


Just because I’ve already stopped working at Jollibee, that doesn’t mean my journey of being a par-timer ends there. Even when I said I’ll focused on my studies, from time to time, I’m still looking for “rackets” or extra works to help my mother financially with my studies. During summer, I don’t have summer breaks because I joined the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) or what we call as “summerjob” at Cagayan de Oro, LGU. This coming summer, I’ll still be part of the SPES at Cagayan de Oro city hall and this is my 3rd and last time of being a SPES worker.

You might be wondering why I am dressed in an office uniform, that’s because I sometimes accepts the challenge of being an office works reliever at PDS PEME Systems International. When some employees at their Admin department will be having one week leave of absences from work, they’ll contact me to fill their job in the office and continue the works. When I first start being a reliever, it was on the position of the transmittal clerk. The second time they called me was to relieved the Medical Coordinator. The works were actually challenging but I was still able to make it by the help of other employees. The experience was great and it will for sure help me in the future to look for better career opportunities.

Photo by: Ms. Joyce Galler