Counter Crew Trainer


After more than a year of my stay in Jollibee, I became a counter crew trainer but still I am a counter crew, I only train newly hired counter crews. I thought I can now experience what they call “hayahay”, but the job is still very challenging because you need to have enough patience. What is the product of your training will reflect on you and sometimes it will come to a point that the way how you trained will be questioned.

In training, the trainer will have to follow the training checklist depending on what station and our training is only good for 8 days, 4 hours every day but still it is not enough because there are many things to consider before the trainee will be certified by the Manager. The training hours were supposed to be for training but sometimes when the counter station is lack of manpower, me as a trainer will be called to do the cashiering procedure with my trainees and that’s the challenging part that you need to have extra patience. It’s like you are sending a soldier to a war who is not fully equipped and not yet ready. And because I was called to perform the cashiering procedure due to the lack of manpower from counter station, our followed checklist will be ruined then, and there is no extension in the training days of the trainee, so you as the trainer will have to make up all the missed discussion and training that supposed to be on time based on the checklist.

As a trainer, you have to be firm and your patience will also be tested if you’re unfortunate enough to have an obstinate trainee. I seriously have experienced one, to the point that I almost lost my temper because she talked back to me. It should be that a trainee will respect and never talk back to his/her trainer, but it happened. I was still thankful for that experience because it helped me on how to hold my temper in tough situations.

So, even after the trainees were done with their training, they still need the trainer’s supervision from time to time. I can say that my trainees were lucky enough to have me as their trainer because I’ve always accompanied them and never leave their side especially when they perform the cashiering procedure after being certified. Way back then, I had more than 30 trainees and I can even memorize their names. In my experience being a counter crew trainer, I had received certificates as well as my other co-trainers. Being a crew trainer is great and challenging, I can get the respect I deserve from my trainees as much as I show to them my respect, I’ve learned to respect the people around me and most especially the respect I have to give for myself.